Bringing Document Data Science to Insurance extracts and delivers contextual business data from variant formats like proposals, with complex data structures and variant data types and tags with content that runs across multiple pages. is trained to generate similar key- value pairs from content present in dissimilar document formats. accelerates document processing to real time or near real time with consistent and detailed extraction points and helps automate existing workflows.

Know More automates claims processing by extracting bill information from scans and records. Using NLP and Document Science claims can be processed in minutes. extends knowledge in healthcare to enable downstream analytics. is trained to auto learn different bill formats, remedy content issues, classify cost buckets, assist validation and automate workflows. simplifies cashless claims dispensation with near straight through processing and ensuring better customer experience.

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Understanding non-buying or unregistered customers and enticing them to a purchase non intrusively is a dream of all Retailers.

Income generating analytics and action oriented intelligence drive the store experience. The experience dynamically adapts to customer preferences on a real time basis and is rendered through AI.

Drastically reduces the training needs of sales staff for an ever changing product portfolio or features. Information asymmetry is curated into a wholesome product experience.

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